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Kitties Off the Juice!

Brownie is OTJ!

OTJ after less than a month

April 9th, 2017

Some years ago, Brownie became diabetic, after being a dry food junkie. I shifted her to wet food– mainly Fancy Feast, plus a sea algae supplement called F3+. Unknown to me, the F3+ apparently spiked her blood sugar and for three or four months there were many 400’s. I was beside myself and felt very…

Marve is OTJ

Marve - A short trip to OTJ

OTJ on September 30, 2017

It makes me both excited and scared to declare my fur-baby Marve is OTJ!!!!! Marve is an 8 year old female diluted tortie. We rescued all 15lbs of her 3 years ago. We didn’t think about how much she would grow with a steady food supply and cuddles. She is a big girl. She was…


Two weeks to OTJ


Official date of OTJ: September 11, 2016 Riley was diagnosed with diabetes August 26, 2016 after a routine blood test with an initial blood glucose reading of 579 and prescribed Prozinc and I started monitoring his blood glucose a few days later after learning how to prick his ear and what blood glucose numbers to…


Only three weeks to OTJ

Trixie was diagnosed with diabetics two years ago on june 19th. She was 11 years old. Needless to say, it came as a big shock to us. All of a sudden we were facing all kinds of questions and afraid that it wouldn’t turn out positive. The vet began us with the insuline (Caninsuline) shots…


OTJ after only seven months

Buster now 14 was diagnosed June 2014 with diabetes, that was a year after my Patches was diagnosed. We started Buster on Lantus and changed his diet and he went into remission 7 months later and is still OTJ over 3 years later. Patches went OTJ 2 years after diagnosis, but ended up back on…


OTJ after only 19 days

Rusty is a gorgeous 10 years old furbaby. We are from the UK. When Rusty was diagnosed with diabetes, I felt lost and helpless. Then I joined this fabulous life-saving forum and the wonderful advisor helped me and Rusty enormously. At first I felt so overwhelmed with lots of information and it was intense. Rusty…

Cary Grant

Proof that low carb diets work!

This is Cary Grant, and he’s 13. About a month after his sister died, he got very sick with diabetes. We took Cary to a local vet who knew little about getting diabetic cats into remission. He prescribed Lantus and Purina DM dry food, and he knew nothing about owners testing BG or about any…


OTJ after 3 weeks

Lucy was considered to be one of the hardest diabetic cases my vets had dealt with. Thanks to Diabetic Cat Help and a change of diet she is now insulin-free. It only took 3 weeks. This is her story, I hope it helps others to make the decision to try TR: Lucy was diagnosed with…


Remission after five weeks on TR.

OTJ on October 13, 2006

Scratchy was diagnosed in May 2006 at the age of 12 when a routine urine test showed glucose. Blood glucose was 594mg/dl (33mmol/l). She had been on Hill’s c/d since age 1. First started on Caninsulin twice a day, increasing from 1u to 5 u over several weeks. No appreciable change in blood sugars and…


Remission after 20 months on TR

OTJ on August 24, 2009

Justin was diagnosed with FD at the age of 8. Just before the diagnosis, he had lost weight, was drinking lots of water and had neuropathy. We started TR in December 2007. Within a couple of weeks of insulin therapy, Methyl B12 supplements and better regulated blood sugars, he was on his way to recovery….