Success Stories

Kitties Off the Juice!


OTJ after 3 weeks

Lucy was considered to be one of the hardest diabetic cases my vets had dealt with. Thanks to Diabetic Cat Help and a change of diet she is now insulin-free. It only took 3 weeks. This is her story, I hope it helps others to make the decision to try TR: Lucy was diagnosed with…


Remission after five weeks on TR.

OTJ on October 13, 2006

Scratchy was diagnosed in May 2006 at the age of 12 when a routine urine test showed glucose. Blood glucose was 594mg/dl (33mmol/l). She had been on Hill’s c/d since age 1. First started on Caninsulin twice a day, increasing from 1u to 5 u over several weeks. No appreciable change in blood sugars and…


Remission after 20 months on TR

OTJ on August 24, 2009

Justin was diagnosed with FD at the age of 8. Just before the diagnosis, he had lost weight, was drinking lots of water and had neuropathy. We started TR in December 2007. Within a couple of weeks of insulin therapy, Methyl B12 supplements and better regulated blood sugars, he was on his way to recovery….


Remission after just 5 months of TR

Apr 6, 2010

Flash is an 8 year old foster cat who had likely been dumped at a shelter because he had diabetes. His blood sugar was totally unregulated while he was at the cat rescue. He entered his foster home in October 30, 2009. He was immediately switched to low carb canned food and started on TR….


Remission after 6 ½ weeks on TR

October 2007

Alex was 12 1/2 when she was diagnosed on 1 September 2007. I was Googling away after the initial diagnosis because I was not happy with the prognosis (shoot 2 units Caninsulin BID blindly, feed Hills Dry DM and accept that my cat would not last more then 12-24 months). I did a 180-degree turnaround…

Beruse (Moose)

Remission after 12 days on TR

OTJ Since 9/10/2009

Diagnosed on August 20, 2007 with a blood glucose of 485mg/dl (27mmol/l) at the age of 17, after having been fed dry food all his life.  Switched to low carb wet food and began TR on August 25, 2007.   After just 12 days of strictly following the tight regulation protocol, Moose’s diabetes went into remission…