An OTJ Cat



Only three weeks to OTJ

Trixie was diagnosed with diabetics two years ago on june 19th. She was 11 years old.

Needless to say, it came as a big shock to us. All of a sudden we were facing all kinds of questions and afraid that it wouldn’t turn out positive.

The vet began us with the insuline (Caninsuline) shots 1.25 units twice a day and told us to take her back to him at the end of every week to see how she was doing. Somehow this didn’t feel right and we had even more questions than answers. She was also suffering from what we learned was neuropathy on her hind legs.

Our main concern, once we learned more about insuline, was how do we know when to give the shot. Somehow the instructions of the vet didn’t make sense to us. What about if her sugar level was good or at least low enough as to not need insuline at that moment??? We began searching the net and thankfully we found the Facebook page of the diabetic cat help. There we learned that it was not really a good idea to “blindly” give her the insuline shot. At last something made some sence.

After joining the forum and being assigned a counselor: Rosemary (first it was Barb), we began working towards getting Trixie back to health. It was a real challenge for us since we live in Europe and we are limited on the kinds of foods they sell in the US and Canada. Plus Trixie is very finicky. We also had to detox her from the kibble, which Trixie loved!

Thanks to Rosemary and Jacqui from France we found a suitable food for Trixie which she also loved. We also learned to test her before giving her the insuline shot. In no time we were getting lower and lower BG numbers. We were so happy. She did have small set backs which also at that moment kind of scared us but it was just as Rosemary would calle them: hiccups 🙂

About a three weeks (July 15) Trixie’s BG was good enough as to not need any insuline shots anymore!!!

It’s been already a bit over two years and she is still doing well. Her neuropathy was also healed thanks to Zobaline pills (recommended by Rosemary).

It has been a struggle learning about this desease and taking care of our baby but she is worth every bit of it. We are also very thankful to the forum and especially Rosemary for all the help and support they have provided and still provide to us and Trixie. Without them, things would surely have turned another way.