An OTJ Cat



Remission after five weeks on TR.
OTJ on October 13, 2006

Scratchy was diagnosed in May 2006 at the age of 12 when a routine urine test showed glucose. Blood glucose was 594mg/dl (33mmol/l). She had been on Hill’s c/d since age 1.

First started on Caninsulin twice a day, increasing from 1u to 5 u over several weeks. No appreciable change in blood sugars and her symptoms continued to get worse, with her developing neuropathy in both the front and back legs, such that she could not navigate the stairs any more. Switched to Humulin N 1 u bid on Aug 8, 06. increased to 2 u bid on Aug 13. Humulin did bring BGs down, but really wide swings from high to low to high again, nadir at 3-4 hours, little duration.

Switched to all canned diet (<5% carb) on August 21, and there was an immediate drop in BGs by an avg of 90 mg/dl (5mmol/l). Switched to a homemade raw diet and started TR Sept 8 using Summit PZI. On October 13, 2006, Scratchy received her last shot of PZIi. She has been in remission since then. She still has a tiny bit of residual neuropathy in her hind legs (this was treated with 5mg/day of methylcobalamin (B12) for several weeks while she was on TR), but is otherwise healthy, and continues to do well.