An OTJ Cat

Cinnamon is OTJ

Cinnamon is OTJ

Welcome Cinnamon to the club!

Cinnamon was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes Aug 9, 2014 (I was overdue with baby #3 at the time, great timing Cinn!!)

On the morning of Aug 9, Cinn was acting very off. He was walking funny (beginning of neuropathy), he went upstairs where no one was and started crying (VERY out of character) and then when I finally coaxed him downstairs he peed on a bag that was laying on the floor right in front of me. I knew something was wrong and called the vet immediately.
When we arrived to the vet they did some testing and just as we all speculated Cinnamon had feline diabetes. I don’t recall the exact # but I believe he was hovering in the 500’s. (no signs of ketones) With it being a Saturday they couldn’t start insulin because no one would be there to monitor him so we decided to take him home, keep watch on him and took him back to the vets that Monday morning for them to begin insulin.

Over the course of a month the Vet did multiple curves and had Cinn on 6u of Lantus twice daily. The cost was getting outrageous and the vet was telling me nothing, they told me I needed to put him on dry DM and continue the Lantus 2x’s daily (blind dose) every time I took him for curves his numbers were still from 300’s to 400’s (I’m sure this was stress related). Their plan was to continue the cures, keep upping the dose however long that took.

By this time I knew whatever they were doing wasn’t working and I needed to find help somewhere because between the money I was putting out and getting nowhere it was beginning to cause some issues at home. (all the while I’m dealing with labor and having a newborn lol) I had started searching as soon as I found out Cinn was a diabetic and found the Diabetic Cat Help page on FB, I then signed up for the forum and all the while started learning all the knowledge and expertise these ladies had. I then made a life changing decision and decided to pull the plug on the vet and let these ladies help me.

It took me over 4 LONG months to get Cinn off of dry food, he was an addict for sure. He had been off insulin because I didn’t know what to do, how much to give him and I refused to go back to the vet because I really felt like I was just a money pot to them. I began trying to home test, took us a few weeks to get this down, once I was home testing I dropped his dose substantially. The end of December after transitioning off the dry diet and finally knowing how to home test, Cinn and I began following TR. It was a little overwhelming at first but the ladies held my hand every step of the way, answered all my questions, explained to me exactly what they were doing and why and in 28 days my boy went OTJ and into remission. I can’t thank these ladies enough for what they have helped my boy accomplish.

We have just reached our 3 year anniversary of being in remission! I check Cinnamon’s numbers every few months still just to make sure all is good and he has always in these 3 years been around 60. Cinnamon only eats low carb wet food and freeze dried chicken treats, never an exception!!!!

Thank you to this group for the dedication they put into helping our babies get better! They know their stuff! After Cinnamon was in remission I actually got in touch with our old vet and shared with him our story, he was shocked and told me he was going to look into this treatment. While I don’t know if he ever did , from this group I was actually able to teach the Vet the proper way to treat feline diabetes!