An OTJ Cat

Brownie is OTJ!

Brownie is OTJ!

OTJ after less than a month
April 9th, 2017

Some years ago, Brownie became diabetic, after being a dry food junkie. I shifted her to wet food– mainly Fancy Feast, plus a sea algae supplement called F3+. Unknown to me, the F3+ apparently spiked her blood sugar and for three or four months there were many 400’s. I was beside myself and felt very lost. Then I found info on tight regulation (but i was not really connected to this forum.). We applied it, using a glucomter, and in a few weeks, her blood sugar came into normal ranges.

A couple of years later, I was searching for new, low carb foods, but was without good guidance on it. Then a resident guest let Brownie out repeatedly and she gorged on dry food she found outside. She had high blood sugar again, and it was more difficult, going up and down with little sense, at least as far as I was concerned. That is when I found this forum. What a blessing!!! Immediately there was direction and experienced advice, mainly from Oreo1mom. It was amazing. Hard, yes, and still scary, but much less so, because there was a caring person to ask. We started in beginning of February and and by the end of March she was off insulin with good numbers. April 9, 2017, it seemed safe to declare OTJ. It requires a lot of vigilance and care but is so worth it. This forum and especially my mentor on the forum have been incredible in helping me get and keep her regulated. Eternal gratitude!

She still has other health problems, but there is a wealth of experience and info on this forum. So thankful for these good people!