An OTJ Cat

Marve is OTJ

Marve is OTJ

Marve - A short trip to OTJ
OTJ on September 30, 2017

It makes me both excited and scared to declare my fur-baby Marve is OTJ!!!!!

Marve is an 8 year old female diluted tortie. We rescued all 15lbs of her 3 years ago. We didn’t think about how much she would grow with a steady food supply and cuddles. She is a big girl.

She was diagnosed in early Aug 2017 with diabetes. We went home crushed and talked about trying to find her a home or, if worst came to worst, having her put down. The idea of twice daily shots was more than we could imagine. We didn’t think we would do it right and worried about the odd work hours we both have with our jobs.

We thought that way until I posted on Facebook locally looking for support options. I found the forum and never looked back!

Rosemary was my advisor and right away I knew I found a perfect match – she recommended I pick up a bottle of wine as I picked up my first bottle of insulin.

Marve started her TR journey on Aug 24th. With Rosemary’s knowledge and care Marve received ONLY 19 needles! We were shocked. Our vet is still shocked. She has been insulin free for 25 days. The home monitoring and careful dosing did it.

Our vet was eager to understand what we did and really was amazed at the individual care we received. He told us Marve was a lucky cat because of all of this. We tend to agree.

We do not know what the future will hold for Marve but we know we will always have a place to go for more advice and support.

Our family cannot thank you enough Rosemary! You are our blessing!