Diabetic Cat Help (DCH) Rules

DCH is a group dedicated to the promotion of the Tight Regulation (TR) protocol It is intended to be a gateway to the DCH forum, NOT a general support group for feline diabetes.

Members who break one of the rules will be given ONE warning only. Second offense will result in removal from the group.

The rules for participating in DCH are simple:

  1. Do not discuss feeding of dry food unless it is related to getting your cat OFF dry food and onto a low carb wet diet. PERIOD.
  2. Do not debate the principles of TR. Questions and clarification are fine, refuting and/or suggesting other treatment methods are not. To be clear, ANY advice given that is contrary to TR is prohibited.
  3. NO Dosing advice on the group.
  4. Do not PM other members. Keep discussions on the group wall.

Once you’ve decided to try TR, join the forum at http://diabeticcathelp.com/forum/ This is where you can find more detailed information and where dosing is discussed.

Our admin team consists of volunteers who lead busy lives outside of DCH. Our sole purpose is to promote TR and to help diabetic cat owners initiate and carry out the tight regulation protocol.

If you aren’t ready to begin TR, you are welcome to remain a member to observe/learn/support other members, WITHIN THE RULES listed above. If you have no intention of starting TR, or you have objections to the TR protocol, you should leave the group and find one that offers the type of support you need.

Tight Regulation is a protocol for managing feline diabetes, developed by Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM. The protocol focuses on a proper diet (canned food or raw), home testing and insulin applied with a sliding scale. Type 2 feline diabetes can be controlled and the cat can reach remission

More information can be found on our website: www.diabeticcathelp.com

Please ensure you are familiar with the full set of group rules: Diabetic Cat Help Rules